Adopted on Nov 23, 2010, by Mr & Mrs. Saeedi

Bobby:  Our Gentle Giant

It is a quite an experience to adopt a dog! We always wanted to do that, feeling sort of guilty getting two pure bred dogs, where there are so many that needed home and family. We had a dalmatian who grew old with us who we had to say goodbye to a while back and a young Vizsla, Vida.

We were thinking perhaps when Vida turns 3 years old it would be a good time to bring home to Vida a 4-legged friend. She would still be a pup and yet not fully grown. Well as we all know, things don’t always happen the way we want. Of course, this happened to us too… 🙂

One day, Saeed, my husband was browsing the web and as usual, he visited the Vafa site and fell in love with Bobby’s face. He said there was something that he couldn’t just forget.
Reading more of his background his feelings got stronger towards having him with us.
He told me that he can’t get his face out of his head. I knew that he was starting to be serious about him.

In two or three days we were ready to get a new companion and family member.
Well, we were ready but things didn’t happen without lots of efforts from everyone involved in this adoption process, especially, our dear Farah. Without her, we probably would need to wait until the winter is over or may have even lost Bobby to someone else in the US.

Now I know why there are so many of those poor dogs getting to their final destinations so quick! It is because of Faranak. You are incredible my Friend, my hat off to you! Your passionate way, knowledge, and love to those lost creatures give you wings and power to arrange the adoption. Dealing with all the bureaucracy behind can really leave one bitter. But you don’t hesitate and don’t give up until you are happy with all the conditions. Always having in mind the comfort of the four legged friend.

We were very lucky to get Bobby so quickly, especially in the winter. It was a very cold Tuesday evening when my husband and I were heading towards Edmonton’s International Airport.

We were lucky to get through the Canadian customs thanks to Faranak’s availability and quick response to the officer who insisted that he needs to call and find out about Bobby’s background.
During the paper procedure, our car was running, so that Bobby doesn’t feel cold and two blankets and winter jacket was ready in the car.

Bobby came out of his crate very carefully but with a wagging tail, that was a good sign. We bundled him up with the blankets and he rested on the car floor. We were already told by Farah and his foster home in California that he is not a fan of car seats anyway!

We were curious how the two dogs are going to interact with each other, but I think we were more excited and perhaps worried than them. They said a brief hi with a little bit of sniffing each other and Vida insisted to have Bobby playing with her. She was chewing on his ears, going under him, over him, barking, but Bobby was very careful. Since it was sleep time both of them were fine with retiring for the night.

Next morning, Vida couldn’t wait to get out of her crate! Bobby was still very cautious paying more attention to the house than to Vida. Being a male dog he immediately started to mark his territory. We didn’t have a male dog before,and we weren’t sure how long this is going to last, but after one week, he was fine. He learned very quickly that there is no need to mark, everything is his… he is home!

Day after day, Bobby grew more interested in the house, us and Vida.

At the beginning of December, we left for a 10 days vacation, leaving our daughter Roya with our dogs. We were a little bit worried if she is going handle them too, but she did a great job.
There is something about Roya that Bobby adores and vice versa. When she comes into the room, his whole body changes and he smiles with the entire face.

By now we know they have a special relationship…. 🙂
Bobby continues to develop his new him, getting more daring, even running into some troubles, like taking a big cookie from the table, cookie that Roya baked especially for her friend… 🙂 Or being in the basement, eating out from a bag of their dog food. He is always very apologetic and knows he did wrong.

It will take some time for him to get used to staying by our feet as we go for walks. We dared two times to let him walk off leash and not again. He always was master of himself and was able to go where he wanted, so he doesn’t understand that he needs to stay with us. Sooner or later he will learn, this is only a matter of time.

I am happy to see that all the bones that were so visible on Bobby are finally covered with some flesh and his shiny fur. He is getting heavier and more powerful but still very careful around us and while playing with Vida. His nature is very gentle and I think this will stay that way.  ” A Gentle Giant”…

I have to admit that having two dogs means a little bit more work especially for me, but the feeling I get while watching them play together is ‘priceless’.
They are so happy that they make us happy! An extraordinary feeling…

It is funny, that we have only had him for about two months but it feels like we’ve been together, forever…
Sofia Saeedi


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