Adopted by Aivaziyan Family – May 13, 2013 – La Crescenta, California

From the time I opened my eyes, we had a dog in our house. I lost my last dog at the young age of 8. After that, it was very hard to imagine bringing home another dog until I met Vafa and saw their activities, which seemed so beautiful to me. I wished to be a part of this kind group. Finally I decided to look for a dog and asked Faranak about Sebastian who had just arrived from Iran. I found out then that he already had a foster home, but they were looking for a temporary home for another dog.

Although I had no idea what breed or size he was, I accepted to become his foster mom.

I had a very good feeling, when I went to Viki’s house and saw a ball of fur sitting at the door waiting. When I got near him, he started wagging his tail. As soon as I picked up his leash he ran towards the car and waited to jump in, it was quite interesting. After I took off, he put his head out of the window and had his fluffy ears fly in the wind. He was so happy that I couldn’t bring myself to roll up the window driving on the freeway. So, when he came into the house he checked everything. My god, he was cute. I must confess that I wasn’t happy with his name at all, it was very hard for me but with every passing day I noticed more and more that why would they name him General. He was a true general; everything had to be under his control. He was with me three days, but I could still see worry in his eyes.

General, a very smart dog, kind, proud, loves neck massages and most beautiful…were his eyes; like buttons! I can’t say enough about him, in fact when I talk about him my heart rate goes up. This was one of the best and most important decisions in my life. Today, General has an aunt who loves him to death. He has a kind grandmother who adores him, an uncle who complained the first day that he doesn’t like small dogs but today I hear love talk from him; words I had never heard from him before. Even my grandmother, who was scared of dogs and has had a dog bite her in the past, loves General. There isn’t one person who sees this handsome boy and doesn’t come over to pet him.If I start talking about my experiences I have to write a book because moment by moment has been an experience with him. Truly, Vafa people are lucky. They can give so much love and receive it back in two folds from these kind animals. I thank the Vafa team on my own behalf. I also thank dear Faranak joon, dear Viki, dear Maryam and her husband Matthew; kind and patient Mamma Elizabeth; dear Fariba – who have dedicated all of their experiences and time and energy to me. Thank you all.


From the time he first walked into our home, he took me by surprise. I did not expect to see what I was looking at. His gentle but yet timid eyes and his round nose, together shaped a triangle that was the center of attraction. He was beautiful and lovely. It came to light that he was lost and rescued in Iran. Through the help of Vafa Animal Shelter, my lovely daughter who has very deep feelings for animals adopted him.

The first week, after traveling for 16 hours in a plane, he seemed exhausted and confused. He didn’t seem to want to trust us as new owners but yet had no choice, this was his new home. He felt love, attention, care, and trust from his first moment arriving. So he became friendlier and less confused, gradually. I had a dog in the past, whom I never allowed inside the house, but this one is something else. Very naughty, sweet, and so lovely so he was warmly welcomed inside the house and even in our bed at times!

At first I thought, “I’ll never even let him in my bedroom”, but after the third week, he was jumping on the bed and kissing my face, licking my feet to wake me up. Now I can’t go to bed without kissing him good night.

He has changed a lot. He is more confident; trusts more, better disciplined, and in a better shape physically and emotionally. He has a new healthy diet, a warm and nice bed to sleep in and most importantly a loving family that provides him peace. He is so happy because he knows he won’t be left alone, even for a single moment. He won’t be mistreated or ignored. He is with us wherever we go; he is a part of the family.

Every member of the family is in love with him. He has changed our entire family’s emotion and life. I wouldn’t go out to spend time by myself at all anymore. But with General I go out for walk twice a day. When I see how happy he is when he is out, it makes me happy too. I don’t think we can live without him. He is not only the center of attention in this house, but every single person who walks by him. He gets a lovely look and a compliment. He is our one and only doggy, named General!

We would like to thank Vafa Animal Shelter for giving us such a beautiful gift and helping other homeless dogs to find a warm home.

General’s Grandma


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