Vafa, water, food
By Toofan Nahan Ghodrati

Vafa, a home for more than 1000 elderly and homeless dogs
A report by AsrIran news website

Gilan rescued dogs
By Maryam Talaee

By Maryam Talaee

Why and for what sin?


Remembering  Sohrab

Little and cute guests

Taban, Taran, Tazan, and Tazhan were left for a few days to fend for themselves in the streets. This in the middle of the votive season, when aromatic and tasty offerings were being handed out, these four were getting weaker and skinnier by the day. We kept waiting for their mother to come and nurse them, but that never happened. In the cold and rainy night, “Ashoora”, their cries for help could not go unheard. They were trying to warm up by taking cover under each other in the wet front yard of the neighbors and yet shaking from the cold and hunger. Finally a friend of Vafa Shelter came and took them into his arms and brought them home. His family gave them food and a warm place and in return the puppies repaid them by their sweet play around. Needless to say, the other dogs in this household love these little dogs and are being very good hosts. “Taban” means bright and shining; “Taran” equaling evil repellent; “Tazan” is a quick runner; and “Tazhan” means soft and tiny.


Nafas, a mom dog which was brought to the shelter. She was hit by a car and found, alongside of Yengeh-Emam bridge apparently losing her puppies, briefed the man who rushed her to the shelter.

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