Adoption Policy

1. At least 21 years of age.We occasionally make exceptions for younger, rock solid applicants.

2. Proof of a valid address with reasonable space for the dog to have at least 12 hours of free range and social time every day.

3. Having enough space for the dogs indoor and/or outdoor in order to run and play freely.

4. Agreement of all members of the family.

5. Consideration of other pets at the location.

6. Agreement to allow visitations by members of the society before and after moving the animal to the location.

7. Paying for the animal’s vaccination, as well as part of microchip, and spay or neutering.

8. Binding contract to return the dog back to the shelter in case of any future issues, and not releasing the dog to a third party.

For adopting our dogs outside Iran, contact us via sending an email to:
WhatsApp: 004792226610 (Please observe European time when calling)

For more information about adopting rules in Iran refer to the page: “Adopted in Iran”.

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