VAFA shelter is a non-governmental charity that relies solely on private support from kind and generous donors and volunteers. Our shelter, as well as the Center for Animal Lovers, has made great strides over the past few years but there is much more to be done. Please consider making a contribution to the care of about 2000 homeless dogs in 2 shelters (Hashtgerd and Ghazvin). Your donations will pay for medications, spay/neuter surgery, pet meds, food, shelter maintenance and other expenses. Shelter staff, volunteers and the animals appreciate your care and concern.

Dear friends,

This is to let you know that Vafa’s PayPal account is not working at the moment! The reason for this problem is that one of our licenses has expired. We started the process of renewing this license six months ago, but we believe that the delay in getting our license renewed is due to the new sanctions!

This delay has put Vafa and its dogs in very serious danger, and it is a difficult situation since a big portion of our donations comes via PayPal.

No dog understands the meaning of sanctions! They get hungry and sick, and they need food and medical care! Please do not leave them alone!

Right now the only way to help Vafa is from Iran. We are asking all of you, our dear supporters, to talk to your family and friends residing in Iran and ask them to help Vafa Animal Shelter in these very difficult times!

We will announce any future updates regarding this matter!

Vafa team

Donate your desired amount via PayPal:

Our bank account in Canada:

Bank: CIBC

Bank code: 010

Account holder: Friends of the Center

Transit: 04812

Account number: 2011514

For international wire transfers

Swift code: CIBCCATT



Please inform us about your donations by email to:

or by voice message to:


Bank account in Iran:

Pasargad Bank

Beneficiary Name: Ms. Farah Azari

Account: 212-800-1085416-1

Sheba: IR450570021280001085416001

Card: 5022291005762610

under name of Farah Azari

Kindly text Ms. Azari:


or email: the receipt # along with your name after the deposit to the above bank account.

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