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Greetings to our dear friends and supporters,

Vafa Animal Shelter is proud to introduce and seek your support of our new path, the “Sponsor a Vafa Dog” plan.

Since the beginning of its existence despite all obstacles and difficulties, Vafa Shelter has continuously brought the gift of a peaceful and safe life to these humans’ best friends. This plan predicts better protection for these angels. Your commitment of $20 or 80000 Tomans per month, to your choice of a dog, will pay for sponsoring that dog which consists of his or her healthcare, vaccinations and food.

You can easily go to our website www.vafashelter.com, click on “Sponsor Me” icon, choose your dog and send an email including your name, surname, phone number, where you live and name(s) of your desired to be sponsored dog(s) to the following volunteer:

Ms. Maliheh Gholinia: Malaani_nikoo@yahoo.com

Please feel free to contact her for more info and asking your questions.


We are hopeful that with your support and encouragement we can continue to provide a better and more efficient operation for our special guests.


Vafa Team.

Sponsor Me


Female 3 years old Spayed kind & friendly


Female About 2 years old Spayed kind & happy


Male, Neutered, About 4 years old, Very well mannered


Female About 5 years old Spayed Very happy & well mannered Her kind sponsor is Mr. Saeed...


Female About 5 years old Spayed kind & friendly


 Female About 5 years old Spayed Well mannered


 Female About 6 years old Spayed Very energetic & playful. She is living at the shelter with her sister,...


 Female About 6 years old Spayed Shermin is her sister at the...


Male Neutered About 5 years old Kind & calm


 Female Under one year old Spayed Quiet and shy


Female 6 years old Spayed Kind & well mannered


 female About 5 years old Spayed weight: 28 KG Dachshund mixed breed Quiet and catlike Ms. Melika is my kind...


 Female 2 years old Spayed Weight: 22 KG She looks like a big terrier. She is very energetic & playful. Ms. Mahroo is my kind...


 female About 5 years old Spayed weight: 23 KG One eye is blind because of the accident. Mr. Farzad Azizi is her kind...


Male Neutered About 4 years old Weight: 23 KG Kind & well...


Male Neutered About 5 years old Weight: 33 KG Kind & well...

Belfi do

Male, About 2 Years old, Poodle Terrier // Belfi do is another kind and very playful dog. His initial family bought him off of a buy and sell website. While initially happy with him, he was diagnosed with Parvo disease and the family was unwilling to care for him...


Male, About 2/5 years old, Spitz Toffee is very kind and playful. This little guy had a family, but upon them leaving Iran, they abandoned him like he was some sort of unwanted toy. He was handed over to our shelter, but our shelter is not really well suited for...


Female, About 8 years old, Spitz Nazak was found on the streets with damage to one of her eyes. Under care at the shelter, the damaged eye was removed. Initially, Nazak was extremely scared and aggressive. After sometime she is no longer aggressive and is just timid....


Male, About 7 years old, Long Legged Terrier  Kind and friendly, with a big stature. His family gave him up to the shelter because he had developed a simple infection in his eye. Can you believe that? Mr. Vahid Ghafoori is his kind sponsor....

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