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Vafa Animal Shelter is a non-governmental charity organization that relies solely on private donations and volunteers.

To help and shelter

Established in 2004, Vafa Animal Shelter is the first animal shelter to open its door to injured and homeless animals in Iran. We are dedicated to providing shelter and care for animals in need.

Local News

Introducing Vafa Animal Shelter’s New Logo

Vafa Animal Shelter's current logo, masterfully designed by the volunteer work of renowned graphic artist Mr. Alireza Mostafazadeh-Ebrahimi, was the introduction point for the Shelter for many years. However, to synchronize the logo for both Vafa campuses in Hashtgerd...

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World News

A week about animal rights

The first week of October is dedicated to animals. October 1st is World Vegetarian Day. October 2nd is World Farm Animal Day and October 4th is World Animal Day. The following statement was read at the Toronto March for Animal Rights: In all wars and genocides in our...

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Adopted Dogs Abroad

Vishki in Montreal

In Fall 2020 Rana and Mr. Karam noticed Vishki at the village just south of the shelter. She was a stray and one of the store owners used to feed her. It seemed like she had a health problem so one day she was brought to the shelter for treatment and neutering. The...

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Bamzi becomes Canadian

In 2018, a father imports a Labrador puppy from outside of Iran for his son, and signs the puppy up for training at a training school. But living at these schools is too early for a puppy that young, and as a result, the puppy got Distemper. It was a hard battle, and...

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Adopted Dogs in Iran

Jaajaa found a home!

In March 2019, on the day of Vafa’s Nowruz Market, it was quite busy. It was on this day, a young boy brought a puppy, whom he had found and could not keep, to the shelter. The shelter could not accept new dogs, and puppies that young are in danger of catching...

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In 2019, a man contacted us, and said that his son has brought a dog home. He said he feels sorry for the dog because his son is mistreating him. After hearing our suggestions, dad was able to convince the son to give the dog to a foster we had found. However, the...

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