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Vafa Animal Shelter is a non-governmental charity organization that relies solely on private donations and volunteers.

To help and shelter

Established in 2004, Vafa Animal Shelter is the first animal shelter to open its door to injured and homeless animals in Iran. We are dedicated to providing shelter and care for animals in need.

Local News

Vafa Nowruz Bazaar 1397/2019

On Friday, March 8th 2019, like every year, Vafa shelter in Hashtgerd celebrated Nowruz by arranging a grand visit and Bazaar. To prepare the shelter for this event, all our staff and the manager were very busy working. On the day of the grand visit, two chartered...

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World News

Happy New Year 2020

In this upcoming new year, let us join together in wishing for world peace. To make this wish come true, we need to first gain peaceful coexistence with animals who live on earth. Through compassion shown to animals, humans can ultimately achieve empathy with each...

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Adopted Dogs Abroad


Shirazi family, Spain, January 2020 Mr. Morteza Shirazi and his wife have been financial sponsors of Vafa's dogs for a long time now. While on vacation from Spain to Iran, they decided to visit the shelter to pick a young male puppy to bring back home with them to...

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April 2019- United State, Connecticut- Megan & Adrien Romina is 2 1/2-year-old, blind female dog. I was asked to help find a Passenger to bring her from Tehran to the USA. VAFA Animal Shelter had secured a permanent home for Romina in Minnesota, so I contacted my...

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Adopted Dogs in Iran


Jack arrived at the shelter when he was two months old in the spring of 2016. He was very weak and very ill. For a few months, he was on medication and even needed to be put on an IV. His health was not stable at all. Gholam, one of the staff at the shelter, made a...

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Chico (Formerly known as Misha), Yavari Family, Tehran, July 2017 Chiko found his forever home! Ms. Azari one of the shelter managers says: Chiko (AKA Misha) came to the shelter in November of 2016. His owner wanted to let him go because he was not a good enough...

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