Spring arrives as winter fades away, bringing with it warmth, light, and lush greenery. Each spring, our hopes and aspirations bloom anew.

Our heartfelt wishes are as follows:

May we inhabit a world free from violence and conflict, where both humans and animals can thrive in peace.

May justice and compassion prevail, granting every living being the right to dignity and respect.

May kindness and acceptance reign supreme, fostering harmony among all.

With these aspirations in our hearts, we find the strength to endure the trials of winter.

Happy Nowruz to our steadfast supporters! To our dedicated employees, volunteers, and advocates, both near and far, who have stood by us over the past two decades. You have been our unwavering companions on this challenging journey, ensuring the success of Iran’s first animal shelter through thick and thin.

We extend our wishes for your well-being, tranquility, and prosperity.


Warm regards,

The Vafa Team

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