Spring is finally here! Adult dogs are stretching their body to shake all the winter tiredness off! Puppies have already forgotten what a brutal season it was, and now are busy discovering every corner around the shelter. Many of them have made friends with sparrows and butterflies. Senior dogs are remembering all the fellows who are not here with us anymore!

Poster by: Bita Mashayekhi

The earth and mother nature are now complete with all their family members. Nobody can take the sun away or hide the stars in a closet. Every river finds a way to move around, and every little breeze whispers the news of life in our ears. Dogs and cats just like birds and us humans will survive and live.

Let’s make a simple wish for the Iranian New Year! Let’s wish for the perfect image of life this year, with all its members living together peacefully.

Happy New Persian Year! Happy Nowruz!

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