Azadeh’s story begins with suffering and leads to happiness.

A familiar scene of animal abuse: It is the summer of 2018. The heat is raging. A man on a motorcycle pulls a dog on the ground with a rope. The dog is silent, with no screaming. Another man sees the scene, stops the abuser, and after a fight with him, unties the dog’s rope and hands the wounded dog to Vafa Shelter.

She was wounded all over, as was her soul. The physical wounds heal, but who knows what happened to the wounds of her soul.

Azadeh lived in a shelter for four years until a very kind Iranian couple in Vancouver chose Azadeh from amongst hundreds of small and large dogs at Vafa to accompany Walker, their other adopted dog.

Azadeh waits for a passenger for months, but no one takes her to Vancouver.

So, she went to Maliha’s house the months before the trip so that she did not get sick or have any problems near the flight date.

Finally, on May 6, 2022, Azadeh went to Tehran airport along with Farah, Majid, and Malihe. Mansoure, a friend of Vafa in Canada, took her to Toronto. Farah and Nasimeh picked her up from the airport and took her to Maryam’s house. Azadeh was welcomed there and rested. The next day, she went to the airport with Soheila and Amir and arrived in Vancouver by cargo flight.

Now, Azadeh is happy at her forever home. She is playing with her brother. Her adopters love her so much and try to heal her wounded soul.

We thank Sarah and Iman for their worthy and kind choice.


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