Adopted by Farrah and Matt (CA) August 23, 2011

When Bulleit was just a small puppy, he and his brothers were rescued by Vafa. Lucky for us, he soon arrived in America and we had the opportunity to meet him.

We met him at a dog park when he was four months old. We were happy to see that he was a very good natured and playful puppy, especially with his foster family. Best of all, he seemed to really like us! It was an easy decision to adopt Bulleit and to bring him into our home.

In recent months, Bulleit has become the center of our family. We can’t imagine a home without him! He has such a great spirit and we can see in his eyes that he has lots of love for us. At home, his favorite activity is to play fetch with a stuffed mallard. Out of doors, he is a superstar in our neighborhood and is always greeting old and new friends.

Although he had a rough start in life, we always tell him, “This is your home now, Bulleit.” And he loves us and his new home, having the blessing of constant food, shelter, and attention.

We truly appreciate all the different acts of kindness from all over the world that finally brought Bulleit to us.

…and here is a few words from Bulleit (then Borna)’s foster mom in the US:

Bulleit was a joy to have around!  He brought tons of energy and play to the house, and he was a superstar at the dog park.

He wanted to play and interact with all of the dogs and people.

Borna (now Bulleit)’s original rescue story posted here:


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