Taniya, Guelph, Canada- February 2019

When one of friend of Vafa in Guelph, a very small city in Ontario Canada, was talking passionately about Vafa and its dogs with her co-worker, she did not realize that she simply was matchmaking! On that very same day, her colleague asked if she can see some photos of small dogs available for adoption at Vafa.

Within only two weeks, Soheila, our Foreign Adoption Manager, who happened to be travelling from Iran back to Canada brought “Booboo” with her to Toronto! Farimah and Amir, two of our dedicated volunteers, picked up Booboo from the airport, and in that very same night he slept soundly in his own bed in his forever home!

Booboo is the result of backyard breeding in Iran. Many of these dogs will end up at shelters which usually are full of large stray dogs and not suitable for small dogs!

Booboo also was cared for by a very good friend, Amir Hossain, for a while before arriving to Vafa! A caring friend who came to visit Booboo almost every Friday for a long time.

BooBoo, Vafa’s cute little dog, now lives in Canada at his forever home with his loving family who adores him! Tanya, his best friend, has sent us a note:

First let me say that all the people associated with Vafa Shelter are truly angels!! They give these dogs a voice and a chance at a wonderful life when many of them look as though they won’t make another day.

My mom and I live very close. We decided together that adopting a true companion is what we both needed in our lives for company. Although the choice on which one was very difficult to make we decided on our now best friend Boo Boo.

Boo Boo is absolutely wonderful!!! He has a friendly personality and he is totally laidback. He loves belly rubs and being brushed, playing ball inside and going for walks. His favourite is walking through the school yard after hours and meeting all the kids playing on the playground. When we’re out we can’t wait to get home for him to greet us at the front door, always bringing him a new toy or a special treat. I’m sure he misses us as much as we miss him. It truly feels like he’s been with us forever.

Thank you Vafa for our forever friend!



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