Adopted Sept 8, 2010, by Mehrnoosh Nayak

I found Rocky whimpering from being beaten up. There were 7 to 8 people who had gathered around him and were just looking. Apparently, a few kids fed him some raw meat, which made him blast.I took him to the vet, and he was given a shot and some pain meds and cream to put on his sores.

I then brought him home and washed him with the shampoo the vet gave me. I put the meds on his sore and he went to sleep. He woke up a happy dog, and wouldn’t stop playing with me. When I came home from work the next day, I took him and my own dog out to the park for a walk. They had a great time together. I then contacted Mrs. EsnaAshari who introduced me to Ms. Mahmoodi who is managing the house in Tehran for the injured dogs (like langoon) and puppies who still need to be vaccinated.I know Rocky is in good hands. By the way, I named him Rocky, because of his HUGE paws.I pray for the day that we (the human race) would be as kind and honest, and these pure dogs.

Alireza Saadiani

Rocky is now in the US. Rocky (now VAFA) found his forever loving home! His foster mom told us she can NOT live without him! He sure got under her skin and here’s a note from her:

Ever since last November when I said my last goodbye to my beloved dog of thirteen years, Luna, I knew I wanted to adopt one of Vafa Shelter’s residents some day. I also had picked out its name to be VAFA, in order for the shelter to have another form of life. I knew that when I’m ready my next dog will find its way to me. So, he did on September 8th.

I had agreed to foster one thinking I was not ready for a long-term commitment. Then, “Rocky” came for a quick visit on his way to his foster home while I was fostering Budda.

The connection that I had felt looking at his baby pictures on the facebook pages, took a whole new life when I laid eyes on him. I fostered him for a short while and I knew he was my “Vafa”. Therefore, “Rocky” became “Vafa” and brightened my life in a new light.

He is a bomb of energy and keeps me very busy. He is growing too fast and I am forced to take in every moment that we have together. He will be big dog soon and I love every ounce of him.

Twice a day we go to the park near our house where people bring their dogs to play. He plays well with all the big dogs and is a very popular guy with everyone. Two of his best friends are Faith, a big white Pit Bull Terrier, and Mia a 100 lbs Rottweiler.

I thank Mr. Alireza Saadinia for walking the alley that he did the day he found him. I thank all the volunteers who took care of him and brought him back to life. Many thanks to all who made it possible for him to come to the USA.

I promise to take the best care of him as long as we are both alive. I know this is the only way that I can repay all the kind hearts who touched his life, and mine.



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