Adopted on Dec 29, 2010 by Mr Alireza Shafayi & Julie

Most of you may remember my story when I was first featured.

I don’t think I am more than six months old, as I just lost my first baby tooth.

Maryam and Neda who took care of me when I was first found called me Bijan.Now that I live with new family in order for my name to rhyme with my sister, Julie, they call me Bijiou.

I really like it here. It took a little time for me and Julie to establish who is the boss but I think we have a good understanding now. -“I AM!”

My digestive system was a mess in the beginning but I’ve been more normal lately. I tend to eat too much and don’t know when to stop which upsets my stomach. Even Dr. Malekpour who vaccinated me said I will be okay.

I am very smart,  quite a curious dude.

I really like to please my master but he has a hard time teaching me things like not to make messes in the house. Can any one out there help him out?

Pleased to meet you all!

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