Adopted by Zubin Mobedshahi – Morgan Hill, California – Sept 18, 2011

We had posted Jenny’s picture and her story on our facebook page back in August 2010:Jenny is very kind and she seems to be a great protector! She was found with terrible scabs when they brought her here.

First she was very scared. the lady who had found her, had kept her in their bathroom for a few days, but since she couldn’t keep her, they brought her to the quarantine house. We have no idea what the poor girl had gone through, both her ears were injured badly but we don’t think it’s from the scabs. She came around after a few days, and started playing with Rocky . We bathed her everyday and put special lotion on her, and the scabs were gone rather quickly–but her ears took longer to heal.

We were approached by a wonderful lady who lives in the US who offered to sponsor Jenny and get her to USA. Here’s a few lines she shared with us:As I was looking at Vafa’s site, I thought about how unfortunate our animals have lived for long centuries. I was Looking at the pictures closely and absorbing each dog’s look with all the love in their eyes.. I saw a new hope and a new light that is about to break though their dark and miss-fortunate past with Vafa’s help.

I took one look at Jenny’s and I fell in love with her. Her ears and tail were cut off. With all the pain she went though, she still looked Stunning. I had tears in my eyes for all of them when suddenly a brilliant idea made me smile.” I will help Jenny come here and find the best home she deserves.”In no time we raised her travel expenses and in a few months she was brought here with the help of Vafa team and Faranak (my role model and a fighter for these animals)

Now, not only Jenny was not alone, she had her own supporters.

Jenny has never met me but I know her life was drastically changed just because one eye noticed her and another one decided to give her a warm home and a soft pillow to sleep on. I heard Jenny’s life is full of love and adventure. I go to bed many nights thinking about Jenny and what would happen if each one of us would save one animal like her? And I smile!!I LOVE YOU JENNY!


And here’s a few lines from Jenny (now Juney’s) forever loving dad:

Jenny, now Juney, has adapted quickly and splendidly to her vast new environment. Living on a ranch, she follows the humans on hikes and helps catch mice on the farm fields. Her excitement every morning comes from chasing the loitering deer away from the compost piles, though they always get away. She is resting in her bed crate, door open, catching her first nap of the evening. she will later, as always, sprint outside before the lights go out for the night, hoping to surprise a covey of quail, who will flutter down the long valley or into higher, safer brush. At her first checkup, the doc said she looked like one of the healthiest dogs he’d ever seen. Well exercised, happy, and trusting. Welcome to California, Juney.



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