Adopted Oct 3, 2010, by Tina & Marty Gillum

Murray was first featured in a group picture at the quarantine house — along with Darya, Rocky (now Vafa) and Naani.One of our beautiful supporters asked about Darya and decided to adopt her.  When I talked to Ms. Mahmoodi and asked her to get Darya ready, she was very happy–but at the same time, sad for Rexi as she said he is Darya’s playmate and he’ll be left behind, and will miss Darya.

My bad, I confused Rexi with Rocky–and showed Rocky’s picture to Darya’s suitor.  She really wanted to adopt Rexi but didn’t have enough resources, so I reached out to our supporters, and thanks to Sarah Nowlin, Shirin Afshar, Sonia Vahedian, Atousa Salehi and Shirin Tehrani, we came up with enough funds to bring Rexi to her new family.

Now, this is when we realized Darya’s suitor really had her eyes on Rocky (now Vafa) and not Rexi … well, we already had raised the funds for Rexi, so I was determined to bring him here.  I reached out to my network of friends, and a beautiful woman offered to foster Rexi until we find his forever loving home.

She and her daughter fell for Rexi within days, and that’s when she saw the ‘old soul’ in this sweet puppy, and they decided to call him Budda.  Budda stayed with his foster family for about 4 weeks until we featured him as ‘available dog for adoption’.  We got to show off Budda to several wonderful families.  Everyone who met him fell in love with the little guy.  It was not very hard to spot the ‘right’ family for Budda–now Murray. Murray has fit in perfectly and is enjoying life as he so deserves.

We just received a lovely note from Murray’s family — and I’m happy to share it with you all.



What an amazing month it has been. Murray Rexy Pillow Buddah Gillum became an official member of our family on Sunday, October 3rd, and it’s tough to remember life without him.

Being part Border Collie, he herds us out of bed and down the hall every morning, so that we can take our walk and have breakfast together.

He has yet to meet a person, dog, cat, acorn, or squeaky toy he doesn’t like. He is so likable, that my father-in-law even refers to him as his “newest grandson, Murray.”

Murray, so far, has gone to the beach, camped, hiked and picked out a Halloween pumpkin. He will no doubt be the star of this year’s Christmas card when he goes with us and our friends to pick out the perfect tree.

Murray enjoys learning new commands, and can now shake hands, wait, leave it, sit, lay down, etc. This week, he enjoyed greeting costumed kids as they gathered candy door to door on Halloween evening. One little girl, who had met Murray on our walks but didn’t know where we lived, screamed, “Hey, that’s Murray, I LOVE HIM”.

That’s how we feel, too.

Thank you Vafa, and all of the Vafa supporters. Murray truly completes our family, and we are forever grateful that you made it possible for him to be in our lives.

Marty and Tina Gillum

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