Adopted by Claudia I. Cooley on May 10, 2012 – Wilmington, DE

YAKUZA, Yalissa – named in honor of Farah Ravon – just threw in the LL’s to make Fallon.

Fallon landed on US soil from Iran on December 10, 2011, at JFK Airport in New York. She was driven to PHL Airport in Philadelphia, PA by Sheyda Ardalan and met there for transport to Faithful Friends Animal Society in Wilmington, DE by Lou. Haley, my friend Lisa and I went to meet Fallon.

All went well between the dogs and Fallon came home with Haley and I.

Within three days, Fallon was crate trained and I taught her how to go up/down the deck steps just showing her once. Doorways were a challenge for a few weeks and so were the household noises. Haley has been Fallon’s mentor – Fallon watches and learns from her still to this day. Fallon has never had an accident in the house. Initially, Fallon grumbled at my four house cats, but grew to love them, especially Cinder.

There were several suitors for Fallon, but for one reason or another they were not the perfect match for her. On May 10, 2012, I signed the adoption contract to adopt Fallon as she was already in the perfect home to fit her special needs from day one.

Fallon and Haley get along wonderfully. Both love people, especially men. Yes – Fallon LOVES the men. She does a silly little dance when she’s excited. She talks to you, loves to go for walks (leash training took a couple of weeks) loves to be brushed, but not fond of bath time. Most of all, both dogs love their car rides together.

While Fallon’s crate is set up, I no longer put her in it – just leave the door open and he still goes in her crate to take a nap – feels very secure in it.

Fallon is a very very happy dog. She is truly amazing and incredibly smart and has been a great addition to my pack. Fallon does not realize she only has three legs and I am not going to tell her. We all are very fortunate to have found each other.

From my heart to yours, thank you all at VAFA for taking such good care of Fallon and all the other animals that are fortunate enough to get into your shelter.

With love and gratitude,

Claudia I. Cooley


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