02 August 2012


As you may know, Vafa Shelter has a high demand for flea and tick treatment. There are many herds of sheep that cross the near by lands and complicate the battle against these pests for us. Due to new sanctions, the German made insecticide that we annually used is not available any longer and the alternatives are not being effective. We are facing a tick infestation and we need your help.

This is a seasonal and urgent situation and we need your help, right away!

You can help us buy purchasing the flea and tick treatments (Amongst the effective ones: frontline plus or Advantix) directly and send them to the shelter by a traveler, or contact us by email to make other arrangements.

In Canada, you can also contact us by phone at: 647-346-1030 and make arrangements for you financial supports to us through Friends of The Center for Animal Lovers.

Grateful for your continuos support,

Vafa team

Email: info@cal.ir


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