23 April 2012

April 24th is World Day for Animals in Laboratories. It is a day to remind the world of behind the scene atrocities of luxurious consumerism.

Statistics show that annually over one hundred million animals undergo painful tests in laboratories around the world. They are left to die after exposure to torturous processes of horrific tests, being poisoned, and mutilated. And all this is not to ensure human’s health and well being, but mostly for luxury products such as cosmetics. Every year, millions of animals die under torture while being tested for cosmetics and hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo, and household cleaning products.

People all around the world are actively trying to make animal testing illegal. In Iran, by efforts of Dr. Ramak Roshanayi, Dr. Zarrin Azar and Mr. Majid Araghi, an organization has been formed to protect the rights of animals in laboratories.For more information about this organization please go to:




The Leaping Bunny seriously checks companies that claim to be cruelty free and lists those that pass their inspection. Remember, companies that are genuine about not testing on animals get the “Leaping Bunny” stamp on their products. Go to their site to see where you can buy cruelty free products:


Another way to have a positive impact is by directly helping animal rights protection organizations.

You can also spread the word and educate others of what these animals are going through. And especially on April 24th, World Day for Animals in Laboratories, make a stand for justice for them and their rights. It’s not that hard to live cruelty free. EMPTY THE CAGES! Shop Cruelty Free!

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