Monday, 13 September 2010

The puppies that are in the Vafa shelter have been found in the streets or alleys, inside trash bins, or are brought by various people to the shelter. Many of those puppies were found abandoned inside rice sacks at the shelter’s gate.
Sometimes dogs in danger of being killed were brought here with their puppies. Other times, dogs that were ready to give birth have been brought to us, or have come to us of their own accord.

Some of these puppies are without a parent and need extra attention. These animals are too young and fragile to be kept in the shelter. We are very much in need of volunteers that are willing to offer a loving home even on a temporary basis until the puppies are old enough to bring to the shelter or to offer for adoption.

Right now we are looking for a loving (temporary) home for the following animals:

1)  need foster homes for puppies between 2 weeks old to 3 months old—while we take care of their vaccinations before they are moved to the shelter

2)  temporary homes (about 1-2 weeks only) for dogs/puppies who find forever homes outside Iran, and just need house-trained a little before being sent off.

If you live in Iran or you think you can help in any other way please contact the shelter: or contact Mr.  Ali Saani: 0912 – 550-4590 (mobile) or Mrs. Neda Mahmoodi: 0919-540-0830 (mobile)

Thank you,

Vafa Shelter

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