19 March 2011

Dear Friends:

The Spring of 1390 is upon us…

We wish you happiness, good health and prosperity while we get ready to celebrate our Nowruz.

Thanks to all of you, VAFA just completed a year of success. New phase was just added to our old complex. Our hard working crew also renovated and repaired our building and managed to add new floors to the yards surrounded by trees and shrubs to further comfort our dear residents.

Vafa owes all of this to every one of  you – friends of animals- who managed to keep us in your minds and hearts.

Many of our dogs found a happy home while others are enjoying medical care, a shelter filled with love, and new friends.

May our NOWRUZ be blessed with LOVE for all.


Nowruz, this revered legacy of our forefathers,

Glowing spark of Persian culture,

and Momentum of past glories of Persian Empire

May it fill your day with blessings, peace and prosperity

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