10 March 2011

March 2011-House Cleaning and Renovation!

Our long-time revered tradition of upholding nature and its miraculous rejuvenation is once again at hand.

We delightfully embrace Nowruz and its up-beat glory at VAFA Shelter.

Each of our hardworking employees is now helping to paint, re-model or repair our premises from top to bottom. VAFA is now preparing to welcome visitors and guests during the holidays..

This house belongs to you and them.

Hello dear friends:

I am delighted to report that we have successfully completed some of the major renovation activities.  More specifically, we have completed the installation of the doors to the puppy area, installation of the primary layer of the roof, plastering the internal walls and ceilings, etc. We will be doing major cleanup today and tomorrow in preparation for the Tree Planting day event on Friday (March 11th)  Everyone worked really hard these past few days, and we had three teams working every single day.  The deadline I imposed to have things ready for the Tree Planting day gave everyone the motivation they needed!

Today, we have welders coming in to install the flower pot holders. We still have to complete the welding of the outside doors, the installation of the new kitchen and a new bathroom. Thankfully, we are almost ready for the festivities (Tree Planting day) and thus far 50 people have RSVP’d.

Wishing you all Success,

Ali Sani and Vafa Team

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