18 July 2011

Dear VAFA supporters:

We’re happy to report that the construction of our expanded fenced area has come to its final stage , thus this area accommodates more space for our loving animals. Although, we still owe a balance of  about 6,000,000 Tomans to the contractor, we are hopeful that we can continue to rely on your monetary aids as before.

As most of you are well aware, due to the sanctions, until we receive all the required permits to collect funds and send to Iran from abroad, we ask that you consider the fact that this blood line is very crucial and we urge you kindly to put aside your monetary donations from abroad while waiting for banking procedures.

Meanwhile,  we have to rely more on our  sympathetic volunteers and supporters from inside Iran during such time. Kindly spread the word among your friends and family inside Iran to support our shelter with their donation.

Thanks for your understanding and we all appreciate your being there for us.

Vafa Support Team

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