Everyone who’s a regular at the shelter knows Dingo well.

He’s a fluffy, naughty, happy boy but what people may not know is that he came to us as a skinny puppy with mange.

He was found on the rough streets of Tehran last Summer.

He was about two and a half months old, ears and tails cut, extremely sore and itchy skin with hardly any fur. He came and stayed with me for a few months.

The first few days he was shy and scared but before I knew it he was jumping out of his skin with energy, biting anything he could find with a few bits of fur spiking out of his body here and there!

My mother used to say he looks like a cartoon dog! But now everyone is crazy about him and loves him. During his time with us, he’d only see me, my Mom, and Ali so he was officially spoiled. As he got bigger and bigger my family started asking when he was going to the shelter and I kept making excuses like he’s got one more round of medicine, let him get a little bigger, he’ll go soon….till he was huge!

Once I took him to the old Quarantine House when Hadook used to live there. They became instant friends. But because he was spending too much time at home he was becoming reserved and scared of other dogs so we took him to the shelter a few times to familiarize him.

So one day towards the end of Fall I decided I’d leave him at the shelter for a night. Even though Ali was going to be there the day after tomorrow I was like a mother who’d left her child at boarding school and went to visit him.

When Hadook went to America I was sad for Dingo but then he became friends with Meshki. And now he’s pretty good friends with Jessie and they play together. So now the shy scared puppy who came to us has turned into a young man who commands respect with his peers….except he’s still a little afraid of Sohrab 🙂

Now that he sees his Daddy more, even when I am around he goes straight to Ali and puts his head on his lap!

Farah Azari

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