Omid (Meaning Hope in Persian)

Omid’s story starts when a driver of a passing vehicle thought he saw something moving about a hundred meters away on the side of the road.  He was curious and worried, so he put his car in reverse to see what kind of creature was moving in that remote part of Jaajrood!?

When he gets out of his car to look around, he faces a paralyzed dog who was crawling here and there.  He felt sorry for him, placed some food and water next to the dog and continued his journey.  What could he do?!

That night the thought of the dog did not leave him… Without food, or water in that remote place, how could he survive?  What if another animal attacks him?  How can he defend himself?  What if it rains?  What if…? What if…?

He was not able to sleep until dawn.  With the first rays of the sun, he returned to that spot, this time he put the dog in his car and drove him to Tehran.

The man named the dog Omid(Hope)…  because he saw so much hope in the dog’s eyes.  He took Omid to the vet, thinking that there was maybe a way to regain his health! Unfortunately, his spine was severed and Omid had lost the chance to use his hind legs forever.

He was then taken to Vafa Animal Shelter, and soon he was sent to the USA.  He was in his foster home until Banafsheh and Babak Alipour adopted him and gave him his forever home.

Banafsheh and Babak did so much for Omid.  Not only did they take care of him the best way possible, but they also made him a star!  Omid is a famous dog, and his face graced the cover of ” Nova Dog” magazine.  He went on the stage with “Andy” the famous Iranian singer/songwriter.  His photo, biography and video are published in “Dodo”. He has been on TV, the internet and social media. His family has given tons of interviews about him. Omid has his own Facebook page and YouTube channel under Omid Alipour.

Many good people participated in this rescue case.

Anonymous heroes who do not remain indifferent when they see pain and suffering of animals and helped courageously.

Would you be one of these people?


Fatemeh Motamedi

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