Jaanaan was a very small puppy when she was separated from her mother. She was so small that a shoelace was used as a collar as well as her leash.  As she grew the fur covered the shoelace, and it remained around her neck.  The people who separated her from her mother while she was still being nursed got tired of her. They got rid of her with the shoelace still around her neck, but now it is covered by her fur and not visible anymore.

Jaanaan somehow endured homelessness, hunger, and abuse. However, as she grew up, she got bigger, and so did the pressure from the shoelace around her neck.  It had penetrated into her neck tissue, had become infected, and now her face had become tremendously swollen.


Feverish and suffering excruciating pain, she was lying in a corner ready to die, when a kind woman from Heev region in Hashtgerd saw her and informed Vafa.

Jaanaan had no strength to resist, so her transfer to Vafa was easy.

The doctor and the shelter manager acted fast since Jaanaan was only steps away from death.  The shoelace was removed, the wound was quickly disinfected, and she was placed under intensive care. A few days later she was eating, and the inflammation had reduced and eventually was completely gone.

Everybody was happy that the rescue was a success, not knowing that this was not the end of the story.

While everyone was still rejoicing, they realized the inflammation is back.

She was then sent to the shelter’s surgeon.  The diagnosis was that the shoelace resulted in the blockage of blood vessels in the neck.

She quickly was sent to the operation room; the surgery was successful, but she had to stay under a very strict diet for her recovery.

The logistics of keeping a dog on a strict diet and recovering from surgery in a crowded shelter system is not an easy one. So it was determined to have her be the next little traveler to fly out of the country to her future “Home for Life”.

Here is where this little angel’s already eventful story, becomes something else entirely.

On Saturday, April 6th, 2019, Jaanaan and her two caring travel guardians arrived at Toronto International Airport. As she was to fly out to the US on Monday, she had to be rushed to a veterinarian office to get all her paperwork cleared for her next flight over to the US.

Amir Shemirani, one of our tireless volunteers, accompanied by another one of our great volunteers, Saham Darash, took Jaanaan to the vet. The vet was typically closed at this time on the weekend, but he had graciously agreed to stay on duty that day just to check on our little girl.

دکتر بناب پس از تعطیلی در کلینیک خود منتظر جانان مانده بود .

آفرین و بهمن سرپرستان موقت جانان شدند

The encounter of Jaanaan with Doctor Bonab is one of the most heartwarming encounters anyone will ever see. The short clip of their encounter has melted the hearts of all the volunteers and friends of Vafa who have viewed it so far. The amazing vet then suggested taking Jaanaan to his home on Sunday so she can meet his wife and son. The doctor wanted to see how his 12-year-old son would get along with Jaanaan, if he took to him like everyone so far had, doctor Bonab wanted to personally adopt Jaanaan. This is the type of effect this little angel has on people.

It is said that Jaanaan won both his wife and son over in mere minutes with her warm and friendly demeanor. It was now an easy decision to cancel her flight to the US which was scheduled for the next day, as she had now found her happy forever home.

She is now in a loving and happy home. Jaanaan even gets to travel to the vet office and keep other dogs and cats company!

A short documentary video of Jaanaan’s story is being developed as we speak and will be published as soon as it is ready.

Many good people participated in this rescue case.

Anonymous heroes who do not remain indifferent when they see the pain and suffering of animals and helped courageously.

Would you be one of these people?

Fatemeh Motamedi



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