Adopted on 22 dec, 2010 by Ramos family and lives in Hayward, CA

Ms Azari wrote the following about our Hadook:

Hadook was found on a hot August day in Lavasan. His leg was broken, one eye was red and swollen, and his ear was soar. From the pain of his injuries he had been unable to move form the front of the house he had gotten to for a few days. Thank God the young girl that lived in the house called Vafa Shelter.

Ali and I went to Lavasan. We approached him with caution. We used an old drawer as a stretcher to transport him to Alborz Animal Clinic in Tehran. He did not complain at all.

Apparently he had been hit by a car. Luckily, his hip was okay. Dr. Abedi performed a masterful surgery on him. He removed the shattered pieces of bone and repaired the lag by installing a pinto hold the leg bone together.

Hadook was cared for at the quarantine for a long while after that. During his long recovery he was always playful and friendly with all people and dogs. As part of his greeting people, he would stick his his head in ones arms and make noises as he was talking, telling his story.

He was still very young and his playfulness delayed his recovery a little.

After removal of the pin, he stayed at the shelter until complete recovery. His adapted quickly and made friends easily, playing with every one.

Even though he did not agree to getting a bath as part of getting ready to go to US, he was find with all the hassle of micro-chip, three hour trip to the airport, twice! The first time, at the last minute the airline announced that his name was not on the list, so he had to go back to the shelter and wait for the next traveler.

We miss him very much but we are glad that he lives a happy life in US, capturing every heart in his path.

And here’s a few lines from Hadook’s savior angel in the US:

Dook is a wonderful and well mannered dog that has brought happiness into my home.

He has gotten bigger, stronger and gained a little more weight since he first came into my home. He has been potty trained and knows sit, stay, down,and go to place. Dook and his sister Kittie play together all day and sleep next to one another.

He goes to dog parks and greets everyone he sees and plays with every dog he meets anddoes not care how big or small they are.

Dook and Kittie help me foster German Shepherds for the German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California.

Chris R


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