Adopted by Danielle Loustalot and Daniel Beagley, adopted October 9th, 2014 in Bakersfield, California

On the day of our meet & greet with Lady (then “Tootak”), we brought my dog Blaze so they could become acquainted with one another. He doesn’t connect with all dogs, and I wanted to be sure as I was basically adopting a second to be his sister. They hit it off on our walk together, as well as later at my home – running around the backyard, playing, the usual.

She was very calm, which surprised me for a puppy but was just what I was looking for. I decided that day to adopt her, signed the papers, and waited two days until I could pick her up and take her home.

Turns out… the day we met her, she had been given medicine to help her ride in the car without being queasy, and it had not yet worn off – hence the calmness. We soon found out that she was ALL PUPPY. The chewing, the playing, the digging, everything!! It was very hard at times, as I have a new home and a beautiful backyard my parents and I landscaped and she just dug everything up, ate my plants and then tracked the dirt into my home. I had my doubts, but she was so darn sweet and Blaze loved her so much, I couldn’t even bring myself to think about returning her.

We have spent a lot of time working with Lady on training and behavior, and I’m proud to say she has improved significantly.

Training her was so enjoyable, as I was so surprised to find how intelligent she is.

She is much more enjoyable as a pet and only digs and chews when left unsupervised and ignored for long periods of time. And with time, she has become much sweeter – if it was even possible! Lady loves to cuddle on the bed, lay right at your feet and even give foot massages with her tongue.

She loves playing and wrestling with Blaze, chasing the soccer ball, all of her toys and especially… dinner time! Most of all, Lady is happiest at the dog park where she chases and plays with any dog – large or small – she loves every single one and they love her.

Our “Lady-bug” brings so much joy to our lives, and we are SO happy to have her in our home.


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