Lucy was first fostered by Douraghy family on June 18, 2011 — and adopted on July 31, 2011

“We had a dog who unfortunately got cancer and we were all very sad because the vet told us that the best thing to do was to say goodbye to her and put her to sleep. My two sisters and I were very sad and we could not forget her.

When Faranak (from Vafa) called us and asked us to foster Lucy because her original owner had fallen sick and unable to care for her, we thought it would be nice to foster her for a little while as we were so sad from our recent loss.

In the beginning, Lucy seemed a little scared, but it was obvious that she was a very kind hearted dog.

All of us had fun getting to know her (including our two cats) and pretty soon we knew that we would not be able to give her back to anyone. We have had Lucy for about 4 months now.

She is a very fun dog to play with and she is also very affectionate. I have taught her to sit, shake hands, lay down and roll over and she loves trying to please me. Lucy always wants to do whatever we are doing, and gets sad when we go to school and has to stay at home.

I love coming home because there always is a big happy dog waiting for me when I get home. Lucy is great with our cats and always wants to play with them, but they don’t like that too much and sometimes end up hissing at her.

We love Lucy very much and she will be part of our family her whole life! 🙂

Darian Douraghy (14 years old)

We also received a few words from Lucy’s original foster mom in Iran:

Lucy was the first puppy from Vafa shelter that I’ve fostered for a period longer than usual. She came to us, bloody, belly-stitched and so small that she was been carried in a banana card board.

She was dormant, quiet & defenseless. We, all, fell in love with her.

She removed all of my worries about fostering Vafa’s puppies. I’m very happy that she lives with a good family.Thank you all especially you dear Faranak.

Armine Charik

Lucy’s original story posted on our facebook page:


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