Adopted by Christine and Don, December 2011, Trenton, Onatario, Canada

Lucy’s new Mom and Dad have done really well with her over the past few months. Lucy has gained confidence and is not afraid of things like when she arrived.

They may not be people who write a lot but through our phone conversations I know Lucy is much loved and her new family is dedicated to making her happy and giving her a great life. Lucy is so beautiful and sweet, and definitely one of my all-time favorites. Thank you, Vafa, for all you did for Lucy and for all you continue to do for needy Iranian dogs!

Here a short note from Lucy’s forever loving mom:

“Lucy has settled in nicely into our little family, we enjoy her antics and her inquisitiveness.  She is a very good traveller, loves car rides and daily adventures on walks.”

Lorraine Marchant / Blue Moon Rescue, Canada

And here are a few lines from Lost (now Lucy’s) rescuer/sponsor in Iran:

After a lifetime of being in love with dogs, I finally came to think about getting one, a pure-bred German Shepherd. It was in March 2011 that I started looking for it. One night, on my way back home from a breeder, my friend called and told me that there was a dog in the neighborhood running loose.

Well, in a nutshell, I got home and saw a beautiful creature so scared hiding between a car and wall in the street. We tried to lure her out with a piece of meat, but she wasn’t interested. We put a metal chain on her like a leash, but again, she refused and resisted to come out. So we quit. We came home and a couple of hours later, after midnight, I heard her barking nervously as if she was crying out for help.

I went outside and found her again behind a car. Trying to build a connection and get her to trust me, I petted her and talked to her softly. I went back home to bring her something to eat, so I left the door open. When I came back, I found her approaching the door hesitatingly, one step forward and two steps backward. Finally she trusted me enough to walk in, and the moment she stepped in I closed the door.

Well, after a couple of days of thinking I decided to keep her, a stray dog instead of a pure-bred German Shepherd. Matter of fact, it was this woman, our dearest neighbour, Mrs. Memarian, who talked me in adopting that dog instead of buying one, telling me that this dog has come to you, she needs help and a home and…. So she came to our lives. I named her Lost, because you know, she seemed to be lost. Actually, she was found rather than lost!

She stayed with us for almost 8 months. I had decided to pursue my education abroad, and I wanted her to have the best life possible. Therefore, I planned to send her abroad too, to make sure that she’s gonna have a kind of life she wouldn’t have here in Iran. And just like that, she flew away.

I haven’t seen a dog like her so happy on walks. She was so playful and loved run and chase especially. I’m extremely happy that she finally found the life she deserves. I wish her and her new family a long happy life.


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