Adopted by Dartnell Family –  August 27, 2011 – Belmont, CA

Friends, do you remember the story of the mama dog and her puppies rescued by a kind gentleman (from Germany) in Amol near Caspian Sea? Leo is one of the lucky puppies who survived and made it all the way to Northern California , now living with his forever loving family.

Here are a few words from his foster mom who looked after him and trained him when he first arrived in the US:

“Leo came to our home as a 3 month old puppy, and all of us including our dog, Buddy, fell in love with him immediately. He is such a well tempered, smart, sweet, loving, energetic and funny dog. We feel honored to have been his host family while he searched for a perfect, loving home. He found a wonderful forever family and is now one popular dog in our neighborhood. We get to see and spend time with him once in a while, and he remains Buddy’s best friend forever! ”

Maryam Kamali

And a few words from his forever loving Mom:

Leo has brought new life into our house since his arrival. He is not only the cutest puppy on the block, he is a loving, mischievous, smart, and funny dog. He loves to play soccer with the kids and cuddle with them at night. Leo is our families constant companion. If we are working around the house, he is right at our side. If we are cooking, he is our shadow. He learns new tricks every day. One look into those beautiful eyes of his just melts your heart. We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful soul in our home.

Cheri D


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