Adopted by Mark & Natalie – 19 Dec, 2012 – Tracy, California

I received a message from Ms. Azari in one of those beautiful spring days, (20th of Farvardin or April 10th). It said, “Seven helpless puppies, still breast feeding, were dropped off at the shelter in the middle of the night without any prior coordination. Do you know anyone who could help us with their care?”

My spouse, Parsa, and I took responsibility of these seven beautiful puppies without hesitation. Because we were sure finding supervision for all seven is very difficult, we went to the shelter that same day. I found the cutest puppies shaking and wrapped around each other, in a cardboard box. Mr. Karam was saying that they hadn’t eaten anything from the night before and the group whining of the puppies tells from their hungry bellies. Mr. Karam was happy we were taking them all with us.

This was our second experience with caring for breast-fed puppies. With the experience of caring for four previous puppies, it was a bit easier. Some with a bottle and the others with syringe filled milk were fed. The arrival of the puppies in our home was a pleasant experience for us two and also for our daughters, Barfi and Shabrang and Felfel.

Tagarg (now Tango) was suffering from damage to her front right paw the first week, which after consulting a physician, we found out that with the right diet this will soon be healed, and it was. This beautiful and kind boy brought a lot of happy memories for us and his brothers and sisters.

We wish happiness and health for him and his new family.

Afsaneh & Parsa Zarrin

My husband Mark and I were thinking about getting a new rescue dog due to the fact that our current dog Holly is almost 13 years old. We thought it might be a good idea to get her a companion that could encourage her to be up and around more. We had adopted Holly from our local animal shelter almost 12 years ago, she was already about 1.5 years old and fully potty trained. So we were looking for a pup that was also potty trained, at the very least.

So one day I went to look on and started searching for the perfect dog for our situation and found this sweetheart of a dog, an Australian shepherd/ borzoi mix from Iran that instantly caught my attention and stole my heart. We weren’t looking for a specific breed, maybe even a mutt, then found Tango. We just loved that he was a international rescue from Iran, because Mark is in the Air Force reserve and has been over to Afghanistan before, so we thought it would be really neat to help a dog coming from so far away. Tango was shy at first towards everyone, including myself and afraid of all men, maybe due to his abusers’ gender.

Tango is now the sweetest, happiest, and most loving dog ever!!! He has become such a wonderful part of our family. He loves our cats and our other dog, Holly. He is constantly trying to get Holly to get up and play but is very gentle and kind towards her. He senses that Holly is an old girl and is very understanding of her limitations. We couldn’t be happier at the choice we made and would like to encourage everyone to learn from our experience and open their heart and home to an rescue dog from Iran who will truly appreciate a good and loving home! We love Tango to pieces and wish you the same kind of love, joy, and happiness. 🙂

Natalie & Mark


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