Adopted by Barbara & Matt on June 11, 2011 – Pescadero, CA

We had been looking for a dog for several months when my husband Matt saw a sign for a dog adoption fair in Half Moon Bay.

I visited the adoption fair webpage and looked at the dogs that were going to be at the fair and decided to stop by.  Immediately I knew the dogs that I had come to see were not going to be a good fit for our family.

Then saw my silly boy laying on his back on the asphalt parking lot asking for belly rubs.  Since he was so adorable and I had not seen his picture on the rescue webpage, I thought he belonged to someone who came to support the rescue group.

I was so excited when I learned he was looking for a home that I immediately called my husband and asked him to take a break from his job so he could come to the fair to meet Hapoo.  We agreed we thought Hapoo would be a great dog for us.

Then we were surprised to learn Hapoo had traveled so far to find a forever home.  Matt immediately made plans to build a fence so we could bring Hapoo home. Hapoo made himself at home the very first night he spent here.

The cats disappeared for days after Hapoo decided they could make good playmates.  Hapoo quickly learned the command “Drop the Chicken!” after one snuck out of the coop.

We also had to get a secure lid for the garbage can, learn to keep butter as far back away from him as possible and along with many other Hapoo rules.

However, cuddling is a must in this family and he loves to cuddle.   Although stubborn and independent, he is always silly, sweet and loving.  Then one day at the dog park he started limping on one of his rear legs.

I had seen him do it several times before, but his limp usually lasted only a few seconds. This time he didn’t stop limping. After taking a few X-rays the vet told us Hapoo had an old injury, he suffered a broken leg near the hip joint when he was a very small puppy and the injury had not healed correctly.

Poor Puppy!  As if it weren’t enough he suffered severe mange as a puppy.

He had surgery a week later and after a few tough weeks our boy was back on his feet and racing the fastest dogs he could find at the park.In the mornings he comes with me to take care of the chickens and plays with our pet goat in the backyard.

He still is completely confused by the cats, who believe they are above playing with him. Hapoo has become a California Beach Bum.

He fills his days with running in the sand, digging for sand crabs, investigating tide pools, and playing tag with the waves.  Hapoo is obsessed with car rides, loves to go on vacation, if I leave the door open he will just jump in the car and take a nap.

He obeys all commands whenever he feels like it, none when he does not.  We’re still working on that.

Even though Hapoo has only been in our lives for four months we can’t imagine not having him around.  It’s amazing to us that he found his way into our home.

Hapoo is such a happy dog and he always starts our days with a smile by lying on his back and asking for belly rubs.

(short video clip taken in Oct 2011:”>)


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