Adopted by Mohammadi Family – June 25, 2014 – Goteborg, Sweden

Our girl, Shalizar, has now been with us for about eight months here in Sweden. It’s not an easy task to describe the love you have for your first pet but we’ll try. The story began in September 2013 when my parents visited Vafa. The gates opened and a dog ran towards them faster than a lightning bolt. Shalizar is honestly one of the fastest running dogs that we have ever seen. It was love at first sight. Right there and then my mom and dad decided that they wanted to bring her back home to Sweden.

It was a long process with all the paper work that the Swedish government required for bringing in a pet from outside of the EU, but in June 2014 – she arrived!

Miss Shalizar also known as; Shali, dokhtaram (my girl) and khoshgel khanom (pretty lady), has now after eight months gotten her own routines and habits which is such a joy to watch and she even knows our different routines.

She loves going for walks. When we are about 20 meters from our house we take off her leash and she runs to the house as fast as she can and plays in the yard. She loves to play around in the snow.

She loves her marrow bones, her toys, her little squeaky pig and she goes absolutely nuts for the chicken that we make for her as a treat.

The entire neighborhood knows her and every single person that has seen her and heard her story is astonished by her beauty and behavior.

When another dog barks at her she just looks at them with a look that says: “I’m from Hashtgerd- I’ve lived amongst hundreds of dogs and your barking doesn’t even bother me”.

She is the kindest, the smartest, most well-behaved, most wonderful dog ever and words cannot describe how much we love her. It warms our hearts to see how happy she gets when we come home from school or work. She jumps on us and licks our faces and hands. It’s nothing but pure love.

The Vafa Animal Shelter is a little bit of paradise. The sense of compassion that the volunteers have is amazing and we couldn’t have managed bringing Shalizar here without their help.

Thank you to the entire Vafa team for helping us and showing so much support!

We also want to thank Farah Ravon for always being there for us, answering our questions, helping us and even paying us a lovely visit when she was in Sweden.

A special shout-out to Ms. Azari for all the time and effort she put in to Shalizar’s paper work and veterinary visits. We truly thank you from the bottom from our hearts!

Much love,

Hamid, Zahra, Shirin, Niyousha and of course Miss.Shalizar


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