Hello. My name is Zoghaal (meaning charcoal). My new family gave me this name.

I want to tell you how a kind family adopted me.

I am one and a half years old. I used to live where some profiteer breeders forced us to give birth so that they could make money from selling puppies. I don’t remember how I got there, but one day for some reason, those people abandoned us in the house and left. We were hungry and made too much noise; neighbors were bothered, so they called Vafa Shelter to rescue us.

The shelter was safe but crowded. I was not bored there but wanted a quiet home with a kind family.

I was lonely and sad at the shelter, but finally, a kind guy who visited us every Friday noticed my sadness and took me home.

His home was a perfect place with a very kind father. He bathed and groomed me, making me a clean and tidy girl.

After a few days, we went on a long trip to the house of Auntie Fati, Uncle Mohammad, and their daughter Bita

After a few days, I realized these would be my new family.

My story is like Cinderella’s story, and I live happily ever after.

They are kind and love me, and I also fell in love with them.

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