Date of adoption: March 13, 2011 – Naghmeh Amini (Fereydoon Shahr, Mazandaran, Iran)

Hi. My name is Lucky. My savior angel gave me this name wishing me to be lucky and happy as long as I live.

On a hot Summer day in Tehran, I found refuge near a house. I was terribly tried and starved, and had been bitten by other dogs. I learned to steal the chickens’ food to survive until one day the chickens noticed me and then the lady of the house caught me in the action. She was very surprised to see me. She called me into the yard and I happily followed her. Then she fetched a leash, tied me in a shaded spot and brought me food and water. I was too tired to eat or bark and could only whimper. She fed me some yummy chicken and rice, and later a much needed bath.

A few days later she, now my Mom, took me to the doctor to have me checked up and vaccinated. I did not take that very well and put up a fit. Therefore, he did not like me at all and told my mom that I am a worthless stray. Little he knew of me and what I had been through. But he gave me some shots any how.

I was doing better until a genitals infection ran me down. She called on some doctors but they would not even come near me as I was barking out for fear and pain. I think I was very close to death when finally a kind doctor named Karevani found it in his heart to take time and calm me down and treat me. I was all better after a week.

In my new home, there are two older little dogs named Aani and Barfi, and a big furry cat named Moosh-moosh. My mom keeps us separate most of the time since the dogs and I roughed it out lately and accidently my mom got bit while breaking us up. She was very mad at me and looked into giving me up but no one wanted me.

In the meanwhile, as my fur grew back and I looked better on the outside, I learned some tricks to win her heart. She loves it when I fetch toys for her, beg for belly rubs, chase imaginary visitors around the yard, or let her hand feed me. I love my name and run to her when she calls for me.

Now, we are so connected and in love that she is not willing to give me up. We belong to one another, can not bear the separation.


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