According to the World Health Organization, there are about 200 million, and perhaps more, stray dogs in the world. There are more than 70 million stray dogs in North America alone and 43 million stray dogs in Europe.

In countries like Iran, there are usually no statistics, and sometimes some environmental experts or veterinarians cite statistics without citing research, the last of which in 1998 reported three million stray dogs.

But what is clear is that stray or homeless dogs in Iran, in the absence of Animal Protection Acts, have a much tougher situation, from time to time either being killed by brutal methods or collected and left in enclosed areas without any attention.

poster designer: Mahfam Zahrabi

Due to the high birth rates of dogs and cats, there has been no successful experiment in controlling the population growth of these animals in some countries, other than by mass killing of the animals.

Experts all believe that the CNVR method (capture, sterilization, vaccination, and release) combined with education and cooperation between governmental and non-governmental organizations is the most effective and sustainable method in developing countries such as Iran.

We must adopt the methods of countries like ours to solve the problem of increasing animal strays in third world countries.

Since the end of October 2021, Vafa Shelter has launched a sterilization campaign relying only on supporters’ and animal lovers’ donations and has sterilized 118 dogs and 27 cats in the past four months.

Animal sterilization is important because it prevents an increase in the population of homeless animals, it controls aggressive hormone-based behaviors of animals and it reduces animal reproductive system diseases.

Lastly, animal sterilizing is important because it will help reduce the number of hungry, wounded, and helpless puppies/ kittens abandoned in the city.

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