Let us wish the world health and peace in the New Year.

Yes, these aspirations seem idealistic as they are the job of politicians to fulfill some of them, but us citizen too have a role to play. We can accept responsibility and empathy.

If we accept our responsibility to the earth and its creatures, we can save the earth- our only home- before it is too late.

Traditionally at the beginning of every year, people set a new year resolution and then try to strive towards those goals. Some are personal goals, but collective goals can be pursued as well, such as environmental protection and animal rights.

Observing the following reduces the damage that human behavior can do to the environment. It’s okay to repeat this every year because there are still people who need to know them:

Poster designer: Farzaneh Mohammadi

* Become Vegetarian/Vegan and procure your food without harming animals. Traditional factory cow breeding is one of the world’s leading causes for greenhouse gases

* Don’t stay silent on animal abuse anywhere in the world

* Don’t stay silent on deforestation anywhere in the world

* Buy and consume less

* Buy local products and produce

*Minimize plastic consumption

* Repair clothing, shoes, and items which are repairable, rather than throw them away

* Reduce waste, garbage, and recycle more

* Put pressure on governments to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy

* Focus on informing those around us about the environment and animal rights

May we see a positive change in the world in 2022


Happy New Year


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