The first week of October has a special meaning for environmentalists and animal lovers.

*The first day of this month is World Vegetarian Day. The good news is that the number of vegetarians/ vegans has been on the rise in the past few years due to increased awareness surrounding the harm of eating meat to the well-being of individuals and our planet.

*October 2nd is World Farm Animals Day. It’s the day for those who spend their short lives on the way to the slaughterhouses or live their whole life helping the people who built those slaughterhouses. People must learn that it is wrong to use animals for one’s benefit. This planet is not just ours: we are sharing it with other animals, and we must respect their right to live free lives.

*October 4th is World Animal Day. This day is for all animals, from pets like cats and dogs to the hungry ones that we see on the streets searching for something to eat. The ones whose living environment we have ruined with our selfish and irresponsible actions. The ones that we have tortured and caged in circuses, zoos, waterparks, laboratories, meat markets, and poultry farms, and the ones that have been taken from their natural habitat. This day belongs to the animals that lose their lives daily in the wildfires, severe weather, flood, and polluted waters worldwide. Animal environments are becoming less and less livable due to changes caused by us.

October 4th is the day for all these animals.

Albert Schweitzer, a German doctor, philosopher, and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, once said:

“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.”


Poster designer: Farzaneh Mohammadi

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