Spring is here now!

Nowadays, Persians from all around the world are celebrating Nowruz! Nowruz is celebration of spring to welcome Mother Nature coming back to life after a brutal winter! Nowruz means a “New Day”, and this new day is the beginning of the New Year in Iran. Happy New Year to all who celebrate Nowruz!

With spring arriving, shelter now has a very colorful atmosphere. The blue sky is whispering to the green fields. The river is talking to the trees, and the trees are inviting birds to come and make their nests.

Vafa’s puppies, who have survived the winter, are experiencing so many new things. They are making friends with little butterflies and birds. Some of them are joyfully watching groups of sheep passing by! They are enjoying the sun, the smell of the earth and the sound of the birds.

With spring arriving at the shelter, Vafa’s puppies no longer remember how difficult the winter was, or even how they got to the shelter in the first place. All they remember now is you and your generosity, they remember your kindness.

They are alive because of you, they can eat, play and dream because of you. You were there when they needed you the most, and that means a world to them.

Happy Nowruz, Happy Spring! We wish you all the best. Thank you!

Text: Farimah Shaygan
Translation: Nahid Salimi
Design: Shahriar Amiri

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