25 November 2012

Dear friends of Vafa

We are truly unable to express in words our gratitude for your heartfelt support. Perhaps, the following pictures – of those innocent beings who cannot talk and yet whose love and appreciation is so apparent – can speak to the upshot of your kindness and generosity; as well as the efforts of the many devoted individuals who have made things possible. Nothing is impossible in this network of friends and supporters and we are deeply thankful to each and every one of you.

With the changing seasons, the cycle of need continues. We have faith in you and humanity; that you will step up once again to assist us in acquiring the following items as listed by Ms. Azari who is one of the supervisors at the Vafa Animal Shelter.

One again, winter is on it way and we have a list that is not simply driven by wishes; rather by dire and important needs at the Shelter.

  1. Floor covers: old blankets, old carpets, large cardboard, wooden palettes, hay, plastic sheets, other wood or plastic covers, and especially foam which helps to create a distance between the cold ground and what the dogs can lay down on.
  2. Food items: dry bread, potatoes, carrots, lentils, vegetables, barley, low-fat yogurt, dry food, and bones. These are mostly items that we can store and use whenever we have less access to the usual staples at the Shelter.
  3. Cleaning items: bleach, detergent, dish soap, brooms and dustpan, mops, etc. These do not need to be brand new or even in great condition so you can easily get rid of your old items as you replace them with news ones at home.
  4. Medical items: : Antibiotics such as Penicillin 6.3.3, Ceftriaxone, Cefazoline, Cefixime, and injections like Vitamin B-Complex, B12, Neurobion, Calcium, Dexamethazone, Diazepam, and injectable fluids like Ringer and Lactated Ringer items: IV set, IV extension, 2ml syringes, 5ml syringes, Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol 70%)
  5. Building materials: although in small quantities, we need cement, tiles, bricks, blocks, etc. to build shelters than can withstand the cold, rain, and snow.
  6. Prefabricated dog houses or large wooden boxes, large cement tubes, old tents, thick plastic,
  7. Heating items: gas, oil, furnaces, and heating devices.
  8. New tires for the shelter pick up trucks (vanet peykan)
  9. Other items: metal or durable plastic shelves, old but working washing machine – ideally a large or industrial grade one for washing the old blankets and other items.

If you are unable to transport any of these items to the Shelter, please do not hesitate to call Ms. Ghodrati at 0912-309-2923 and she will coordinate the pickup times and location with you. We appreciate you working with us to try and get these collected in several central locations in and around town which will maximize efficiency of our efforts.

Many thanks for helping us and the dogs at Vafa who will very soon be facing harsh and cold winter weather ahead.

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