29 July 2012

Dear ones

For sometimes, now, I’ve been seeing some messages and on line pages showing hardship that some of our hard-working animal lovers are facing for lack of financial aid and helping hands…

We ask that you stay tuned and follow our next post (a report by Ms Ardalan who is currently in Iran and volunteering most of her time at the shelter), as she shares a small portion of all that needs to be done there. Several pregnant dogs were rescued, and some hungry off-springs were dumped on the shelter–with lack of space and volunteers, we are in a very bad situation, and no, the government is not supporting us ( Yes, they need to pitch in, but what about us? (you and I)


What if we be kinder to animals, team up with our neighbors to round up the animals that we ‘feed’ and take them to the vet to be spayed/neutered? What if we agree on “one” location to feed the neighborhood cats, so we can identify the sick ones who may require some medical attention and arrange to have them seen by a local vet?

…It really feels good to be kinder to animals.

Everyday, at the shelter, we need 300 kilos (almost 500 pounds) of chicken heads and 300 loafs of bread. We need half a ton of split barley, every month! We do not need to tell you that these figures require your constant help. Every penny helps… Do not think these animals have other choices or helpers, because they don’t.

We have over 20,000 followers or visitors of our pages, just imagine how much better we could serve these poor needy mothers and their newborns and more , if everyone would just donate one dollar a month!

If you live outside of Iran, please email us-let us know where (what city/country) you live in and we will reply and let you know how you can help.
We know it’s a tough time to get your monetary help inside Iran , but please find a way through your friends and families who live in Iran. Ask them to start on your behalf , if they can. Who knows? they may learn to do just that for their own cause in the future… We all can learn to do good.

Hunger and pain does not wait

Thank you for reading & cross-posting

Fatemeh Motamedi (founder) and Vafa Team


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