03 April 2011

Dear friends,

As you have been informed previously, following the voluntarily action of an eminent benefactor to buy the place to be used as shelter for cats, with the consent of charitable people who formerly helped constructing a small place for cats, it was agreed to use this place as the quarantine for the Vafa Shelter.

In spite of the fact that the construction of the building is over, as its usability was unknown until few weeks ago, there has been no internal partition and division as well as covers like fiberglass or tile that can be easily disinfected.

In the meantime we are seeking help from Vafa’s faithful companions and all the prudent supporters, for the final stages of quarantine and to solve the fundamental problem of increasing population of shelterless animals, here we would like to invite those who are especially interested in cats and their welfare, to contact us for consultation and review the cats’ sanctuary & Trap & Neuter program.

It’s good to remember that all great things start by taking the first step.

Thanks for your attention and cooperation

‘center for animal lovers’ (CAL)


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