27 August 2012

Taking a roll at Vafa Shelter could be more than feeling good about doing a good deed. Below is a letter from our long time supporter, Ms. Afsaneh Zarrin-Moayyed

Heat, Lemonade, and the Meeting


Two Fridays ago on my way home from the shelter I ran into Ms. Azari who was returning to the shelter with a pack of puppies. As soon as we started to talk, Mercedeh, Ms Azari’s favorite jumped on the hood of my car and continued to the top and then the back of the car. In disbelief, I asked her to bring her dog down and she quite casually called out: “Mercedeh!!?” Little short of approving the behavior. Then I got out of the car and ever so gently invited Mercedeh to get in without upsetting Ms. Azari

When I got home, my husband Parsa, immediately noticed the dirt and artwork of paw prints all over the car and asked me to from now on only drive the Road Warrior, our older car that we use to take our dogs out, when I go to the shelter. Therefore, this week I drove Road Warrior, the gas guzzler. In order to save on gas I didn’t turn the AC on and sweat was dripping from me. I was feeling like such a victim. At the shelter I was greeted by smiles of the bunch that froze on my empty hands that usually carry the Coleman full of cold lemonade for them. I did not have the heart to ignore their thirsty lips and turned back and went home and returned with cold lemonade

After quenching the thirsty lips most of us were ready for the meeting, but Ms. Azari was still involved with some issues. Farzin went to get her and even he was delayed. Finally, the meeting started at 4:00 p.m. with ladies; Azari, Khachaturian, Safoora and myself, and gentlemen; Ali, Habib Saani, Saljooghian, Ilia, Farzin, Mohamad and Piroozbakht. Mr. Mohamadi was absent, who preferred the company of his beautiful dog Gary, whom he uses as a pillow when he takes naps. We addressed many issues in the meeting. Including task assignments, health and and diet of the puppies, advertising and educating the public about the shelter’s services, as well as structuring the adoption process

We made great progress on all those issues. Of course, lemonade issue for the volunteers was addressed as well. The only forgotten step was documenting the notes from the meeting which I will take care of soon and collect every one’s signatures. The meeting ended at 6:30 p.m. When I called Mr. Saani at 9:30 I could hear the dogs in the background which meant they were still at the shelter attending to the matters

Wishing you all health and happiness

August 18, 2012 – Afsaneh Moayyed

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