16 September 2011


Many of you may have heard of the horrific killings of a mama bear and one of her 2 cubs in Samirom, and with no doubt it pained and angered you. Even in order to make the report, we could not watch past the first few seconds of the video of the brutal murder of the mama bear and the cries of the cub who tried to seek refuge next to its murdered mother.

Unfortunately , there isn’t much we can do except to expose this crime. By sharing the report and the video we have informed  International Animal Rights groups outside of Iran, in hopes that they will stand up to the authorities and see to it that they put a stop to these senseless and cruel actions towards animals in general.Please accept our deepest sorrows.

We hope these criminals will face punishment!Vafa Team.

For watching the video : 


Horrible video depicting cold-blooded massacre of a bear and her cub!

As per Sabz-Press, The Animal Rights Activists in Iran have recently arranged for broadcast of a sad video image taken via cell phone. Apparently, two hunters in province of Isfahan managed to hunt down a frightened bear and one of her cubs.

Then, they proceeded to lifting the second cub in the air for show off  and stopping the weeping sibling from getting closer to the bleeding body of his mother on the ground!

Later on, the same organization informed the public of the consequent arrests of these so called hunters.They are at the custody of the police and Humane Society Representatives at this time.

We should warn you about the unsettling images in this video!


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