My name is Seda. In Persian, it means “voice”.  Sharareh, who is one of the members of the Center for Animal Lovers, found me almost dead and chose this name for me… because I was barking so much.

When I was a young dog, I was a shepherd dog and my owner loved me very much, but, unfortunately, he passed away and his sons sold all the sheep and abandoned me.  I was an old dog, wandering the deserts. One day, when I was crossing the road, a car hit me.  I don’t remember what happened after that.

I was near the highway and covered with dust.  I think I was there for a very long time and I was so very thirsty, I thought I was going to die.  But, God helped me.  A miracle happened!
A wonderful lady with two boys came upon me, and she asked the boys to help move me to her car.  I remember that when they put me in the car, one of the boys said, “you are so lucky; you are going to get a ride in a very nice car!”
The lady transferred me to her home; the only thing I remember is that I drank a lot of water that night.  She took care of me very well, but I was barking so much that the neighbors complained, so she had to transfer me to the Vafa shelter.
I was the oldest dog there and everybody respected me. Solmaz, another member of the Center for Animal Lovers, loved me especially well.  We became good friends and I waited for her every Friday.  She brought me treats and special food. I am happy for being here.  I was a lucky dog!
I passed away of old age on September 20, 2006, in peace and quiet after being in our shelter for 2 years. In my last years of life, I enjoyed the respect and comfortable life, thanks to Vafa Shelter!
Solmaz Tarrahi Tabriz

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