Adopted by Marsha & Stan Laugher – April 9, 2014 – Oldsmar, FL

My husband and I lived in Maryland in the DC suburbs, with our two dogs and two cats and were getting ready to move to Florida. I had become familiar with VAFA through facebook and had sponsored two dogs at the shelter in remembrance of my mother who was Iranian.

I came to know Farah Ravon and the VAFA team better through their heroic efforts to save the dogs from my home country and I had made a vow that our next dog would be from VAFA.

Early in 2014 Farah reached out and asked for some help in fostering a puppy who had been found in the streets of Tehran, I saw Poolak’s pretty face and saw her video, and offered to help in anyway. I agreed to foster Poolak till we moved to Florida – and then got my wonderful husband to say yes.

We were not in the country when Poolak arrived – but Farah kept us updated with all of her trip and we even received a text (in Mexico) when Poolak and her travellers arrived at Dulles.

We picked her up from Sara’s house the day we got back from our vacation – Poolak was even cuter in person that in pictures, she did not like the car and looked so pitiful in her trip from DC to MD.

She arrived and met our pack – Clemson our beagle immediately took to her and showed her the ropes around our small town home. Poolak took very well to the cats, intrigued at first, then playful and then chasing – but in fun, no meanness to her at all.

She took walks in the neighborhood and became a local celebrity amongst our dog friends….everyone wanted to meet the dog from the streets of Iran, and she was friendly with everyone, a little timid at first but she adapted very well and quickly.

Then through the course of fostering another VAFA dog, our beloved Parichehr, my husband and I decided that we had fallen in love with our Tall Leggy Blond – our Persian Princess Poolak, and joined the Foster Failure Club. We adopted our Princess less than two months after we met her… my husband says, we have two Iranian natives living at the house – Poolak and me.

Now she lives in Florida, with her 2 dog and 2 cat brothers and sisters. She loves to chase geckos and tries to jump up at all the birds on our walks. She completed a 6 week obedience course and we may even enroll her in agility training – she is a happy puppy and we are a happy family.

Wish we could save all the pups on the streets of Iran…..

Marsha Laughter


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