Adopted by Conyers Family  on June 29, 2011 – San Jose, CA

A few words from Marlee’s foster mom in Iran:

Marlee (then Nelly) came to us like a stuffed little cute toy, she was adorable, stubborn and full of character. She loved to play and friendly to everybody. She was a beautiful dog and everybody loved her.

She was among lucky puppies supported by Vafa Shelter staff and  supporters and we defiantly enjoyed her stay with us. I asked my husband to add few sentences about Nelly and he said he has already mixed up what and who fostering all the dogs and puppies last years but he does remember some highlights; funny things and their character and Nelly sure is his favorite puppy, full of life and very smart one!

Armine Charik

…and a few words from her foster mom in US:

That adorable little Marlee (then Nelly) came to our home when she was 9 weeks old! She was a strong minded girl who needed some training. Thanks to Ms Kamali who taught us how to get her to be responsive to commands. By implementing her teaching in a short time we got Marlee to  fetch, sit, down, no bite, and so much more. And I learned that to be a really good foster parent you need to have a big heart and willingness to learn a few new tricks. She even learned, for most part to ignore my jealous and at times unfriendly dog Shazdeh. I have to say, that one of my regrets in life is that I could not keep her for ever.

I think, her smarts, sweetness, lovingness and companionship would have added a lot to my life. I am just so happy that a deserving and amazing family has the pleasure of having her. She turned out to be the best and got the best. Thank you Faranak jaan for the trust you had in me/us to foster a vafa dog.


Marlee’s forever loving mom says:

Marlee came to us via an Angel…we were actually looking to adopt another Vafa puppy.  Literally, after our home visit, Farah called and asked if we would foster another pup for the weekend.  Without a 2nd thought, I said ‘Yes!’.   Marlee never left our home since….little did we know, we were destined to be blessed with Marlee.

Marlee has such a gentle spirit…mischievous, at times but very gentle.  She loves to play, especially with Daddy (Jason), Brother (Dominic) and cousin (Marcel).  Mommy (Zoraida)and sister (Faith) just loves hugging Marlee.  Marlee LOVES to run..and it shows when we take her walking/running and when she goes to the dog park.  Nothing else matters when she is free to run without fear….Marlee is finally home….Zoraida

“Live Simply…Love Generously…Care Deeply…Speak Kindly”


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