They could have not been born, and not have left the world in pain.

We are talking about puppies who share a grueling life with their mother. In their short lives, they don’t experience anything but agony.  Very few reach adulthood and continue this cycle of suffering.  What is the reason for such a short and painful life?

Spay and neutering is a humane way to control the population and prevent such a life of immense suffering.

Poster designer: Mohsen Mohseni

The last Tuesday of February is the international day of Spay and Neutering and more than 70 countries participate. In addition to widespread efforts in this regard made during the year, the number of spaying and neutering done on this particular day is represented under the title #world_spay_day on social media.

Vafa shelter has continuously participated in this campaign, however, due to the cancellation of its pay-pal account, and the major decrease in financial support, unfortunately, this year we did not have the budget to undertake this task.

Poster designer: Mahtab Vakil Photo by Ali Mohammadi

During these days of hardship, we are waiting hopefully for the helping hands of those who are aware of the importance of this endeavor and will not remain indifferent.

In response to those who say, “with so many problems why should we even think about homeless dogs”, it needs to be said that if we wait until all problems are solved we never find time to solve this particular problem. Why not pay attention to all the problems at the same time?


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