Delbar (Meaning “charming” in Persian)

All her life, Delbar lived in a cage, with the exception of a few minutes every day.  Her owner made a living by taking advantage of Delbar’s misfortune and helplessness.  She was either pregnant or nursing.  Her heart was broken when her puppies were taken away to be sold.

She had no voice, and no one came to help… This vicious cycle continued until she could no longer bare puppies.

Among backyard breeders such a dog is referred to as ” Trash”.

What is done with trash?  It gets disposed of…

Delbar was disposed of with one eye completely blind, the other eye with poor sight and an awful skin condition. Walking on the streets in search of food and dealing with aggression from other dogs and humans was all new to her.

Fearful and confused she was straying in the streets in the city of Karaj, until a kind man found her and took her to Vafa’s Hashtgerd branch.

From the very first days, her loving nature and innocence captured hearts.  Now she lives a comfortable life with her new friends.  Does she remember her bitter past and the puppies that were taken away from her…?  No one knows!

Many good people participated in her rescue case.

Anonymous heroes are those who do not remain indifferent when they see pain and suffering of animals, they instead help courageously.

Would you be one of these people?

Fatemeh Motamedi


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